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I'm from New Brunswick, Canada and came into a 1982 CB450T Hawk with roughly 25,000KM (15,000 miles) and stored for the past "several" years. This forum has been an absolute treasure trove of information for me trying to get it back on the road. Thank you all so much! List of items done so far this year with the forum's generous help, as I recall:
  • New tires
  • Hydraulic brake line and master cylinder flushed, cleaned
  • Front brake caliper rebuilt
  • New brake pads and shoes
  • New battery
  • Replaced coil with the GM coil mod, re-gapped plugs
  • Valves adjusted
  • Clutch cable replaced
  • Carbs completely rebuilt: New seals, accelerator pump and air cut valves, increased to 72 primary main.
  • New intake manifold boots
  • New oil, filter
  • Changed fork oil
  • Fuel tank and petcock cleaned/flushed
  • New air filter
  • General maintenance and adjustments (lever free-play, chain tension, etc)

  • Vacuum sync carbs
  • Replace brake lines (they were new in 2004 from the print on them)
  • Replace some old wiring
  • Rebuild forks
  • Replace rear shocks (maybe)

Anyway, like I said, none of this would have been possible without this forum existing, so thank you all again for sharing so freely. It's awesome. Maybe one of these days I can help someone else who's getting into these things... Cheers to you all!

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