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I was getting ready to build a vintage race bike, and had started, when I wa sin an accident that put me down for a while.

Not gonna be able to finish it anytime soon, and could use the money.

So heres what's for sale:

'72 cb350 head
Stage 3 Porting by Mike Reick
(r/r guides, hot tank, bead blasted)
Surfaced -.010
Serdi Valve job, with 1mm over Intake valves
Modified guides for seals. Honed.
Modified retainers/keepers -.010 from bottom for clearance
Custom Cut Kibblewhite Stainless intake valves
Exhaust guides and Intake guides, very trick.
HD Racing springs, Ti Retainers.
Keepers and bases.
Valve Seals (trick trick trick)

Also included is the Todd Henning teflon slipper cam chain tensioner.

Head has not been used since this build-up. Neither has tensioner.
This head will take the lumpiest cam available for the 350.

I'm letting this go for 700 bucks, shipping not included.

email mlinder @ hondatwins dot com
ph # five oh three, four five three, seven eight nine nine
Best to call after 7:00pm PST.

Would probably make a kickass street bike with a milder cam than the one I was going to go with.

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i would love to snatch that up!

*sigh* for the down economy.
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