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i never got around to introducing myself, i've just jumped right in here and started posting. i've got a 1971 CB450K4. green tank and side covers with a gold stripe, i love, love, love this bike. it's my first ever and i've never worked on motorcycles before. at 35 years old "it" was calling me, an "M" on my New Jersey drivers license that is. i got mine over a year ago and have been loving this old 450. i it bought from a guy just like me who was moving out of state. he said he got it from some lady's barn in PA about 5 years ago where it sat for at least 15 years. it's been a rocky road with this bike mechanically but i'm really enjoying working on it and riding it. i have no garage so my kitchen doubles as that every now and again. i can't tell you how many dudes stop me and tell how they, or a brother, had the same bike years ago- bought it off the showroom floor NEW. i can't even imagine. mine is all original with some dings and dents here and there, and i think i'm leaving it like that with some minor upgrades along they way to keep it running. a FULL restoration someday would be fun, with a garage of course.

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