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I introduced myself over at VJMOG but this looks like a good site as well. Here's a copy 'n paste of what I put over there for anybody that isn't there:

I picked up this bike last Saturday. I've been shopping for a bike for several months now but with my limited budget (under $500), my selections were severely limited and I was determined to get a CB or CL. What I was able to find was either junk or decent bikes with no titles. Finally my patience paid off and I got this CB350 for $400 and an 8 hour round trip. It may not be perfect but it's mine, it runs and rides, and it's got a title. Since these pictures were taken, I polished up the chrome as best as I could and I tried some rubbing compound on the discoloration of the tank only to remove the orange. :x

I believe the mileage to be true as the bike is still wearing its original tires and everything else appears to be original except the spark plugs. About the only things it needs to be safe on the road is some new tires (anybody got any budget-minded suggestions in sizes 3.00-18 and 3.50-18?) and a POR15 tank kit. I also need to do some investigating with my electrical meter. I believe the headlight/kill/starter switch may be the culprit to my taillight working (or mostly not working). The muffler I can live with until I can find a cheap suitable replacement.

The story I got when I bought the bike is the guy I got it from got it from a friend of his who bought it at an estate auction a couple years ago. The title I have is from a lady who owned it since 1986. I have a signature on the back through power of attorney so I'm safe to assume that she's deceased. The dealership the bike was sold at is also deceased (thanks Google Street View). I'm not sure what my plans will be for the bike. I'm probably just going to fix up things as I go and maybe restore the bike someday. My brother-in-law works at a Ford dealership that has a paintless dent repair guy so I may see what he would charge to do the tank if he's able to. There seems to be some real knowledgeable people here so hopefully I need anything, somebody will be able to answer my questions.
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