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Hi everyone. I am new here and I just registered today. I was searching for a clutch actuator part an it seems one of the mods might have one on hand. Hopefully still so.

Any ways, I have two twins:

1972 CB350 "Salsa Verde"
1974 CB450 "Brown Frown"


Brown Frown is who I am working on right now. A guy was supposed to buy it, a bro's friend, so I let him ride it. And now, I have to replace the clutch and possibly the rear brake shoes. Plus, some other minor things that may or may not have been related to this guy. <sigh> Be nice if I could find that link CB450 manuals again... But, I have the Clymers.

But, I have hope for the clutch actuator!

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I just bought an NOS actuator from Western Hills Honda in Cincinnati Ohio. Dont know if I got the last one or not. My 450 is brown too. Welcome to the list.
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