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Since I haven't posted for awhile (until somewhat recently) I figured I'd update my introduction. It gives me an excuse to show off my bikes as well :lol:

Here's recent pics of the 72 CL450 that I've had for about 15 years. It's more or less been pieced together out of 3-5 bikes, but its still my favorite. It's in need of an update though. I've recently picked up a set of new fork legs and I'm currently shopping for a replacement seat. If I'm feeling extra motivated, it may even get paint.

The red bike is a 74 CB. It's actually my wife's bike and I put it together for her a couple years ago. It's basically stock except for a fresh-ish motor, modern-ish master cylinder, and Koni's out back. I also did LED's in the dash and tail so I could run a 55w silverstar headlight and still charge the battery(working good, so far)

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