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Thanks to all who have participated in this wonderful site! I have always had a special love for the Honda’s. In fact the first time on one was around 1970 when my dad rode me on his Scrambler. I was 3 1/2 to 4 years old, but I remember the ride like it was yesterday. Ever since-i had a certain love for these bikes.
I have had several bikes mostly other brands but always smile when i see an old cb360 or other bikes myself, family, or friends had.
Finally my partner said she wants to ride. And i knew just the bikes. It took a while to zero in on a couple but finally had success! I got a 1982 CB 450t Hawk and she got a 1978 CB 400A.
We are super excited to ride and learn more about our new bikes. I have a couple pics i am posting. Thx
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