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Just wanted to introduce myself. Last week I purchased a 1981 Honda Twinstar with about 5k on the odometer for $600. Bike fired right up on first kick, body seemed to be in decent shape, and the only major issue the seller reported were the LED blinkers not working (they weren't tripping the flash relay). I bought it, loaded it on my truck, and took it home.

I haven't taken it out on the road yet as I wanted to give the bike a good work over. The previous owner was a bit of a gearhead and had all sorts of cool vehicles in his shop (Willy's jeep, 56 or 57 Chevy with factory suicide knob, and a bunch of older bikes). So I'm pretty sure he knew how to maintain the bike but I'm a firm believer of 'trust but verify'...or more accurately, 'verify, then trust'. Besides, there's a lot more rust on this thing than I'm comfortable with and that definitely needs to be addressed.

The reason I bought this bike was I wanted a small displacement vehicle to take on the Transamerican Trail with my son, who'll be riding an older Yamaha TW200. I also wanted to try my hand at customizing and wanted a platform that wouldn't break the bank from the get go. With the Twinstar I'm thinking a scrambler but only as far as bolt on options go. I don't want to cut into the frame or do anything drastic where I can't revert it back to stock.

I am however getting rid of those dorky handlebars and replacing them with enduro/mx type bars. I'm also going to install some Shinko dual purpose tires but only after I ride the wildlife management areas by me with the current rubber just to see how they handle. Those are the immediate plans.

Oh and I got the blinkers working two days after I took it home because the first thing I ordered was an LED compatible flash relay. If anyone is interested, I got it on Amazon and is the Audew 2 pin flash signal motorcycle relay. It's the orange, boxy looking one and works fine with a mix of LED and incandescent bulbs.

At some point I might seriously think about rerouting the mufflers to the left and up to get as much clearance as I can from the bike. If anyone can tell me if CL350 mufflers would fit on this engine that would be awesome.

Lastly, I want to thank longdistancerider for the help he's already given me with tracking down the shop manual for this thing.
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