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Hello everyone!

I jumped the gun and began posting in the technical forums, hope everyone will forgive me...

Anyways, I'm in northern GA, and I'm just recently getting back into motorcycles after about 5 years away from them. I've been mostly a dirt/enduro rider my whole life (mostly my teen years riding old Honda elsinores, really wish I still had that old MT250) but recently have decided that I want to ride on the pavement.

So I have picked up a CB750k1 and a CB360 for my street rides. Both run, but neither are 100% road worthy just yet.

I also have a 71 Yamaha HT1-B 90cc two stroke enduro and a pair of 74 Yamaha DT175's for light trail duty. They're all in various stages of completion. I love me some yamahammer enduros!

My other baby is a 66 Mustang with a stout aluminum headed 302 and a 5 guessed it, also disabled right now. Engine is on the stand to make room to clean up and paint the engine bay.

Anyway, hopefully the forum will help me get one of these bad boys on the road so I can enjoy some vintage internal combustion once again, I miss the smell of not-fully-combusted fuel!

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