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First off I'd like to say this forum has been a huge help in getting my Dad's 1966 Bomber running! Working with a friend we finally got the CB450 running well for the first time yesterday. He had imported the bike from Switzerland but it sat for 10 years without being started - always too busy with work :) He had just retired and was planning on working on his bikes but unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer and was gone 6 months later. The Bomber looked to be in good shape & I'd had hoped to get it started so he could see it running but it wasn't to be. So after a new harness, regulator/rectifier, coils, getting matching carbs & rebuilding them (straw test is critical!), petcock, fuel lines, Pamco ignition, airboxes modded and other things I am forgetting it is running well. Unfortunately the engine is from a K6, but I hope to swap it out eventually with the correct 1966 version. The headlight bucket has also been replaced with later model gages. I just bought the Motobatt MB12U to replace the lead acid battery but it's too tall, does anyone know if the MB9U would fit?

Other bikes I have are two 1966 CB450's that I bought in the 90's (one is a parts bike) that I hope to star working on soon. I also have the frame and engine from a 1973 CL450 that my Dad picked up at a junk yard. My first bike/scooter was a 1965 CA102 "Cub" which I still have and I'm currently riding my Dad's 1977 CB400F. He also had a 1981 Yamaha SR-500, 1967 BSA Victor Roadster, a 1953 Condor A580 (Swiss Army Motorcycle) and a pair of Gilera Saturno's so plenty of work ahead! I have a website on the Gilera's at The Gilera Saturno.

This forum is fantastic, thanks again for all the tips and advice that members post!

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