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Hello all,
I'm a relative newcomer to riding having sold my last bike in 1975. Now that I'm old enough to know better I'm still getting back into it.
My riding history: I didn't own a car until my third year of college. I learned to ride on my big brother's Harley 125 Hummer, a 1956 or so model year. I was 14 and legal in Florida. My first bike was a used Honda CA 150, a 1962 or '63 with which I delivered newspapers to pay for it. In my senior year of High School I bought a brand new 1966 CB 160 for $600. Newspapers and bussing tables paid for it. After I joined the Air Force I had my dad ship the 160 to me and I foolishly traded it in for a Yamaha 360 Enduro. I should have left the 160 at home, I loved that bike. The Yamaha went with me to my next three assignments and I sold it in 1975. I figure I put about 50K miles on those bikes. Never took a spill.
So, fast forward to 2021. I've now been retired from USAF for 17 years after flying my beloved C-130s for over 30 years. They told me I was too old to fly at 56 and showed me the door. I've been itching for a while now to start riding again. I looked at CB350s and was shocked at the prices. I looked at a '82 (I think) Honda V45 Sabre with just 8,000 miles, a beautiful bike, but I was afraid it was a little too much too soon. I then found a 1981 CM400C in a local Craig's List posting with just 2,000 miles. I'm a little skeptical of the mileage, but its condition is pristine.
My previous riding was in Florida, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Ohio. I've now been in Colorado Springs, Colorado since 1985. The riding season is rather short here, so I likely won't get more than a couple thousand miles a year.
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