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Hello from BC, with a cl350k5

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Hi, my name is Jim, I am from BC Canada...

I am happy to find this site, before I found one called hondabikes, but was unable to register to their forums due to some technical problem or something... Since then I've been over at the kz400 forums, because I also have a kz440 as a future project...

I mainly ride either a 2005 Vulcan 800, or a 2008 Lifan LF200 GY-6.

This is my KZ440, future project bike (for when the Honda is done)

I also used to ride a Lifan LF200 GY-5

and a 1991 Honda CBR 600 F2

And finally, here is my 1973 Honda CL350 K5 project bike, I will detail it further in the project bike section..
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Welcome aboard Jim, it's nice to have ya!!

That looks like quite a nice stable you've got there..

GB :mrgreen:
Thanks for the welcome :)

I was over at the .com site, but there doesn't seem to be much action over there...

I don't have the blue honda, or the other chinese bike anymore, just the top 2 bikes, and the projects. ;)
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