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Hi All,

Found this forum when the old CB450DOHC site announced its closing. There was lots of useful info there but holy crap did the MSN forum style suck. This is a nice change of pace!

Anyway, I need to replace the broken tach cable on my CL450K6. Wondering if anyone has suggestions where to find a replacement cable in gray? Does anyone still make them in gray or do you have to have them dyed that color?



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Tach cables for 450's are pretty hard to find, in any color.
They haven't been available from Honda for a really long time.
Your best bet is to watch EBay, they do show up new very occasionally, and used somewhat more often.
Alternately, a number of the vintage parts places do list them, like CMSNL and others ($$$$) ...

Google on either of the part numbers, see what you hit -
37260-375-000 or 37260-292-020 or 37260-346-000

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Oh great, yet another 450 part to add to the "really hard to find / expensive" list. I'm hesitant to buy an old cable because my bike has only 5000 miles and the cable snapped so it seems like most of the others from that long ago might be on their way out, too.

I wonder if anyone has tried welding the old cable ends onto a newer cable? I might give that a try.
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