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I'm presently trying to figure some things out and make this work in my favor. I believe it can be done with sufficient help. IE, LDR or Sonier, since they seem to know a lot about wiring on hand.

This is the write up I was looking to

Trying to compare wiring diagrams but I can't seem to find a clear enough one to cross reference. More info can be found on the following page.

General Motors HEI Ignition Module For Early 1980's Honda CB's

Mainly, I'm trying to figure out were the Pink and Green wires will end up and which of the pickup wires is the positive and which is the negative. They do have a 7-Pin module which was used on a Kawasaki forum. I have info from there as well.

Kawasaki Motorcycle forum

B: Yellow +Coil
C: Green -Coil
W: Lt Blue? +Pickup
G: Brown? -Pickup

Pink and Green???

More Research Links:

On using GM HEI ignition modules -
There was even one about using a Duraspark module on an ATV here: How to Convert an ATV to Ford Ignition?Rick?s Site

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I've discussed this one before. The HEI module is great for triggering the coil, either using points as some mention or a pickup module.
However that HEI is purely a trigger for the coil(s) and has no ability to advance the spark timing. Without timing advance the engine performance suffers drastically as well as running too hot.
Note the last sentence under the "Purpose" heading General Motors HEI Ignition Module For Early 1980's Honda CB's
Here's some info on retarded timing

Now I will say the the HEI system I have on my CL350 is great, no points adjustment or timing adjustment needed once it's set. It does use the factory advance mechanism.
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