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Headlight wiring question

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I recently picked up a 1971 CB350 twin. I am having issues with the headlight and am seeking some advice. The headlight is a sealed beam unit and it currently does not work. When I switch the low/high beam selector on, the tail running lamp comes on but no headlamp. I took apart the headlight and have three wires coming out off the bulb: green blue white. Which one of these brings power to the bulb? I know that blue is high beam and white is low beam and is green ground? Just wondering where I should start looking for power supply to the bulb.
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First check continuity between white to green and then blue to green (checking filaments)... Green is indeed the ground.....IF both readings are contiguous, try running a KNOWN good ground to the green wire (jumper it to battery negative for instance)..... You do have power to the switch as the taillight works.....Black wire is the power (HOT when key is on) throughout the bike.....
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