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So ok, the last few months I've been fooling around with various materials to soften up fossilized rubber parts, like carb intakes, NLA grommets, etc.

1) The xylol/wintergreen oil thing works pretty good, but the mint oil is too expensive for me.

2) Xylol by itself seems to work just as well, in the same amount of time (a couple hours, maybe)

3) And finally, a tip given me recently by an Olde Farte who has been an auto glass installer for many years, to deal with those rubber gaskets that go around car winshield and rear glass.
He uses plain ol' diesel fuel !!! And it works great !!! Takes longer than xylol, but it's cheap. He just pours some around the winshield gasket area and lets it sit overnight, then they can peel it right out without screwing it up.

Hope this helps somebody...........
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