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Hello everyone, My name is Sean and I've got a 1982 CB450SC I affectionately call the HamHock. I've been a lurker for a couple of years and finally decided to join up. I bought the bike, my first, in 2015 and have been working to keep her on the road ever since.

Here how she was when I bought her.
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Rim

And this is how it looked after I high sided on 880 (stupid driver didn't signal and changed lanes right in front of my while I was lane splitting)
Ended up only having to replace the bars, mirrors and right side turn signals. I removed the rear cowl at that time too.
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle

Those clubman bars upside down like that were a real PITA, limited low speed maneuverability and were quite uncomfortable. I flipped them right side up after not too long.

Recently I've been working on swapping over a lot of stuff from a VF500F parts bike I have. This is the tank mocked up to see what needs to be done to mount it.
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire Car

Notice the mufflers and side cover are now gone too. I realized a couple days after this picture that without the exhaust my center stand was rubbing my chain, so that had to go too, along with the broken gauges and dummy lights.

I'll be making a build thread shortly to give a more detailed over view of the project and to update you guys on my goings on.


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Welcome aboard.
Lane splitting in the Bay Area can get dicey at times, just have to watch for the idiots and there's lots of those.
You can make a stop for the center stand to keep it from rubbing, look up the CB350 center stands on eBay and you'll see what I mean. It's really a useful piece to have.
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