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Greetings from Orlando

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Hi everyone. A little over month ago I became the 3rd owner of a 1978 CB400A Hondamatic Hawk in Tahitian Red. It had +/- 4700 miles on the clock, but according to the seller, hadn't been started up since 1992. It had obviously been somewhat protected from the elements, because although it had plenty of surface rust and pitting, it wasn't a rustbucket. Within an hour of getting it home, it was running well enough to know it could be saved; I disassembed it the next morning. I took everything apart (except the engine) and cleaned/stripped/sanded/Evaporusted/painted/RedKoted/etc. pretty much every part on the bike (I used silver high temp paint on the engine because it was so oxidized). Had it all back together about 10 days later and along with new tubes and tires, fresh oil & filter, new fuel line, new plugs, new air filter, new air cutoff valves, rebuilt carbs and new battery. I'm chasing a timing gremlin right now, but the bike looks and runs decent. With my new found CB400 knowledge, I've got feelers out for a similarly situated '78 CB400T that can be brought back to life.
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Welcome aboard. You'll need to post pics, otherwise folks may be skeptical about the bikes very existence:D
You'll also need a proper Factory Service Manual to bring her back to her former glory. PM sent.
Welcome and sorry to say that, but you are addicted now like the rest of us! Pics, pics, pics
Welcome, and yes... pictures are a prerequisite. Too bad you didn't share the journey with us, so we'll have to settle for the finished product :D

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Hello and welcome!, no pics, didnt happen!!

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