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greetings from Belgium

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I'm Jef, I live in Belgium and I'm restoring a CB250 K2 (more pictures at a later date)
My first Honda motorcycle. Got started with Honda 4-stroke mopeds when I was 16. Still have my first CD50 (which I'm also restoring).
interesting reading material on this site.



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Jef, How about a pic of the CD50?...... Steve
Love it!.... I'd kill to have that front fender (Are they still available?... From where and how much?)... I did expect it to have the pressed-metal, lower link forks though....What year is that bike?..... I DO understand about the muffler, I found ONE for my 90 and it was over $300, plus shipping from Europe!..... :eek: Steve
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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