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greetings from Belgium

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I'm Jef, I live in Belgium and I'm restoring a CB250 K2 (more pictures at a later date)
My first Honda motorcycle. Got started with Honda 4-stroke mopeds when I was 16. Still have my first CD50 (which I'm also restoring).
interesting reading material on this site.



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turnhout is about an hour by car from here. northern part of the country. almost the netherlands.
belgium is a small country.
66Sprint said:
Jef, How about a pic of the CD50?...... Steve
well it's spread out over a lot of boxes right now. I'm waiting till I get every part before I start assembly. It's costing me as I'm only using original honda parts. and the muffler is impossible to find, which is a big problem.

here's a picture of what the bike should look like when it's finished.
this is from a guy in Portugal who does amazing restaurations.
some of his work:


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mine is from '72. earliest CD50 I've heard about was one from '69. they were produced till the early '70s, without any big changes. you also had a CD65 and CD70. same rolling frame, larger engine.
then you had a K1 model. and later some honda japan models. they stopped making them only a couple of years ago I think.
only the first model had the gas tank with chrome side panels.

the first fenders were plastic, these are no longer available.
the later CD50's had the same style fender but in metal (difference: more rivets, and they're painted over). I don't know if you can still get these from Honda, but there are a couple on Ebay and webshops like CMS and Davidsilverspares have them (pretty cheap too)

honda part number for the metal fender: 61100-065-010
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