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Hello everyone, I realized I never introduced myself. I have a 73 cb350g which I purchased 13 years ago now in very rough shape, and have very slowly been fixing up. It was butchered by previous owners, had one bad cylinder due to a dropped bent valve and piston that scored the cylinder jug. Was already a "cafe racer" and missing a lot of parts so I didn't bother to try to restore it, but decided to fix it up and continue customizing it.

Very little is left of the original bike: engine, frame, swing arm, rear fender and clocks are it. Everything else is a mod. The engine was rebuilt with THR forged pistons with one size up overbore. Carbs are now Mikuni VM30 with K&N pods. Suspension is Works Performance in the back, Ceriani 35mm forks. It has original '70s akront shouldered alloy wheels, alloy Barnes hubs, leather upholstered ducati style fiberglass road racing seat pan, tank and front fender from a cb450, clubman bars, ISR front master cylinder, nissin calipers, rear disc conversion, rearset foot controls from a cbr900r, 2-1 exhaust that I bought from an old timer who raced a 350 in the 70s, and completely rewired with a motogadget m-unit and Charlie's Place ignition, r/r, new solenoid, dyna coils, 5 3/4" headlight with an oldschool sealed beam, LED lights and bar ends everywhere else.

Very close to being "done", still few bugs to work out. Thanks for all the help you're given me thus far, and in advance for the help you're certainly going to give me! I've attached a before picture as it was when I bought it, as well as a picture of how it looks now.


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