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Hey there, nice to see everybody back, we should dedicate this site to Mark, may he make a speedy and full recovery.

Anyway, I live in Hollyhood, California, and lately it has become cb200 territory in a major way, everybody wants one! Maybe traffic will slow down a little with a bunch more of these bad boys on the roads (and while I'm dreaming....).

This is my lane splitter, a 1976 CB200T-3006-mile-work-in-progress. Next up, a re-ring and valve guide ectomy... Good times!

This is my last project, which underwent radical front end surgery, the result? Me and Dr. Genius (the guy in the F350 who turned left in front of me) lost the patient. That sucked...

It's always good to put a bike with a name, so please post pics of your whips!
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