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It's starting to look like my CM450C will be rideable by sometime next week (many thanks to HamHock!), at least in theory.

Here's what I've checked:
- Tires look fine. No particular wear, no signs of cracking, dry rot, or flat spots.
- By the end of the weekend it should have new(ish) front brakes.
- I confirmed the rear brakes are in good shape just before storing it.
- The old battery worked well enough to confirm the lights all work correctly, and I have a new battery on order.
- The clutch appears to work fine, the rear tile turns freely with either the clutch (while in gear) or while the bike is in neutral.
- Shifting works fine, and actually smoother than I recall it.
- Throttle is slow to return, so I'm going to pull and lube the cables. I expect that to resolve the problem, since it's been sitting a while. If not, I'll probably just replace them rather than further troubleshooting.

Obviously I'll need to confirm it starts, idles correctly, and throttles up and down without problems once I have a new battery. I'll do another check for loose hoses or wires before starting it. I'll also confirm the oil level is right (that's awkward to get to just at the moment), and probably do an oil change once I confirm everything's working. Also the horn, since I need that to pass inspection.

What else should I be checking on the bike before I get back on the road?
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