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Generator Rotor

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Hi guys been a while since my last fumbling experience working on my bike but I got a question for yall. So when I try to rotate the generator rotor to find top dead center on what I believe to be the compression stroke (aligning the LT with the index mark) Its like the rotor begins to get a mind of its own. It becomes very difficult to turn and then when I get to just before the LT mark its as if the energy I used to turn the rotor gets released and it spins another 45 degrees all on it's own which causes me to overshoot the mark. After this i can rotate the rotor freely for another full turn but when I try to allign the timimng marks again after a full turn same story. Surely this is not normal... whats going on??

Sorry, bike details:
1975 CB500T
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Although usually it is not a good idea to assume I am doing things correctly ha ha, yes I am rotating it counterclockwise. Maybe I overestimated the ammount of jump, but it does certainly push past the timming mark. But i take it this is normal. Is it also normal to have to put a good ammount of torque in trying to get the marks to line up on the compression stroke?
awesome. great info guys!
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