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G'day Honda people, my name is Lee, 31, and I'm in Brisbane, Australia. I'm a chef who likes to get all my work frustrations out of my system by playing bass in my punk rock band, and also enjoy restoring old motorcycles.

I've been riding since I got my first bike, a Suzuki A100 at age 11. Had various other scoots over the years but never had any regard for the actual workings of a motorcycle. About 18 months ago I bought an XS650 which some may know (but I didnt!), will require vast knowledge of its systems to keep it honest. So thats when I got to learning bike mechanics 101 online. Now I'm hooked on restoring, and since then I've also done up an RD400.

So here I am with my third (and I'm sure wont be the last) project bike, my first Honda, a '74 CB 360 KO. Thanks in advance for answering all the help questions I'll be imposing on this fine site.

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Post up some pix when you get time! i'd like to see the RD400!
Heres my '79 XS 650 Special:

and my '77 RD 400D:


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Welcome aboard Lee! That RD is absolutely beautiful!!

GB :mrgreen:
Welcome! Nice to see another 360 on board :D
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