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gas tank knee pads

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I met with my gas tank builder pal yesterday to discuss my ST project tank. we're modifying a KO cl450 tank with knee cutouts. he suggests i find knee pads before we do the final layout... i really like the CD175 knee pad shape but am open to suggestions.

soooooo, im requesting examples! please send me your knee pad photos... i'm looking to purchase! TIA alls, danWI

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Steve, any knee pad shapes will be fine! I'm still in the research stage so I want to see all diff shapes... honda, kawa, harley, bsa,... what have yas! danWI
That looks great Steve! Can i haver a photo of top of the tank? I want to see how deep theindents are. Thanks! danWI
Steve. let me converse with my tank builder about these pads. I'll try to have conformation this evening. Thanks! danWI
Steve, i made no decision today sooooooo... might as well buy the tank and have the pads on hand. Email me your address and I'll send out a Money Order ASAP. thanks man, danWI
Steve, sent you email to request purchase addy. Please email me back if it got missed, [email protected]
1 - 6 of 13 Posts