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1974 CB360 - finding gas on the right side spark plug. Left side looks clean.

Bike starts first try every time, idles, I can drive, it has power throughout all the gears, no bogging or anything, literally runs perfect. After warming up, I am getting a light amount of white smoke from the exhaust, once I start going it’s gone, doesn’t smoke while driving at all (at least I can’t see any).

I’ve probably only put 150 miles on it since I rebuilt the top end (new rockers/bolts, camshaft, chain tensioner, adjusted valves, new head and shockwave electronic ignition and oil filter clean, oil change).

Recently discovered my new carb boots weren’t completely seated to the carb, they popped off a few times on startup and I would just push them back on. After removing the clamps last weekend, turns out if you push hard enough they snap in place (had no idea) and now they are seated correctly. Haven’t messed with the carbs since I got it two years ago other than adjusted the idle and mixture screws.

My question is, where do I start? I’d searched a few threads and have gotten mixed answers, any help is appreciated. I checked the plug on Sunday and it was covered in gas and black, used a dremel and cleaned it, threw it back in and went for a 20-30 minute ride, averaged around 40-50mph the entire time with stop and go’s in between. The picture below is after that single ride, doesn’t look too bad but it’s still wet and I can smell the gas. Also no gas in the oil, only on the plug.

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