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Front Fork Rust. Useable? Or unsafe?

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Alrighty, so I have disabled my forks and have looked them over and understand the areas near the top are relatively okay if they are rusted because it is from where the headlight brackets sit. But, down here are the bottom, all the way inside the fork "housing" the one is much, much darker, and slightly rougher to the touch than the other.

Let me know what you guys think.

Also, on a small side note. Is it okay to use a 3.25 tire tube inside a 3.00 tire if I got the correct rim size? (Couldn't find a 3.00 tube)

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if you can feel the pit, and it's in an area that works both sides of the seal , it will grab fork oil when compressed, and release it when relaxed. You can clean it up really good, and degrease it, then use JB weld with a spreader, and sand it smooth after it's good and hard. It will last awhile , but isn't a permanent solution. Do not shove a 3.25 in there
pitting in the "wiped" area where the seal rides is problematic.

rust on the bottom is from water in the oil sitting for a long time.

clean it completely from the aluminum slider
derust the fork tube
replace the bushings/fork tube guides

take a fine sharpening stone, oil it with a light weight fork oil and run it up and down and around the "wiped" area of the fork tubes till they are completely smooth. the fork seal can tolerate minor imperfections in the surface so long as there are no sharp edges. if your tube is pitted too bad around the "wiped" area it will still weep oil around the seal and will need to be replaced

most (but not all) inner tubes list a range of sizes rather than a straight size on them because they expand when inflated.

if 3.25 is the smallest rating on your tube, get a smaller tube.
if 3.25 is the largest rating you can run it
if 3.25 is the only rating you can run it.
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replace the bushings/fork tube guides
I understand what the bushings are, but what is considered the fork "guides" in the pictures I took?
I wouldn't use them unless you absolutely must. The corroded areas have been weakened. Go check out Forking by Frank; Frank's Maintenance and Engineering, Inc.. You can see them in my build log. They are better than what Honda put in them. It will set you back about $210 for a set.
I understand what the bushings are, but what is considered the fork "guides" in the pictures I took?
bushings are at the bottom (dark part on the fork tubes)
guides are at the top (shiny aluminum part at the top just under the seals)
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