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Front Caliper Piston Replacement

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well, there comes a time when "cleaning up the piston and reinstalling" doesnt work. i am tired of my front piston (once again) sticking in the bore after sittign over the winter break. SO, anyone have a source for anew caliper piston? the stainless steel ones are tempting.... TIA, danWI
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do you have a link for this seller? appreciate the help man! danWI

The stainless ones on Ebay are the only option in my opinion. The quality of the sellers nephews machine work is AWESOME! They make NICE parts.
Thanks for the link! His info woudl be a nice addition to the links page.

You do bring up an interesting question tho... how does one identify the year for the DOHC caliper? When i got my 450, she was a "put-together" with CL carbs, K5 gas tank, etal. She's currently set up (and VIN'd) as a K3, 1st year for the disc brake. danWI
Thanks Bill! thats pretty straight foreward then. I'll check the caliper this weekend. now my big concern is that my 450 is becoming to CLASSY for me... too shiny and runnign smooth is a scary thought :shock:

and for those interested in stainless replacement: its looking like i can get a caliper rebuild kit with stainless piston for $100+ change. this is not too bad since it only need to be changed once in my lifetime!
I was just sent this lnk from a friend concerning a phenolic front brake piston for my CB450. Anyone have used these, comments, suggestions, and TIA! danWI
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