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Front Caliper Piston Replacement

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well, there comes a time when "cleaning up the piston and reinstalling" doesnt work. i am tired of my front piston (once again) sticking in the bore after sittign over the winter break. SO, anyone have a source for anew caliper piston? the stainless steel ones are tempting.... TIA, danWI
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danWI said:
... how does one identify the year for the DOHC caliper? danWI

A look at the fiches shows this -

First K3/K4 - externally, note the fins on the caliper body, and the thinner "B" side- different arm and mounting. Main caliper bolts go in from rider's right.
Piston setup is all different internally.

Then K5-K7 No fins, bolts from rider's left.

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