For sale a front and rear wheel for a CB350. The rear wheel is powder coated black with new brakes, spokes, bearings, spokes, and not pictured with it is a new set of chrome adjusters, axle, and brake arm ready to bolt and go for $200. The front wheel is special, it is AHRMA racing ready. It has a T500 Titan front drum shaved and modified to fit the CB350 front end, new spokes, bearings, brakes, an aluminum rim ready to be used as intended for completing your 350 racing bike or a nice cafe racer and also ready to bolt on and go and for what it is I think $400 is fair.

I have LOTS of parts to be listed over the next several days, and I do mean hundreds including complete front ends, new gauges, new rims, more racing parts, engine parts, gas tanks, a cb350 frame with title, switches, new cams, new pistons, AHRMA racing exhaust, badges, just a bunch of stuff. I'll get it all posted as soon as I can.