I have come to terms that I am not a motorcycle person.

I bought this bike for a grand with 4K on the odometer and drove it daily even in winter. I took this bike to Florida then had some valve issues I suspect came from a shady fill up at a very shady station.

I have since torn it apart and it is IMMACULATE inside. Replaced piston rings, lapped the valves and put in new clutch frictions, Rebuilt carb, Valve adjustments, honed the jugs, Some other minor things like new chain, front sprocket, air filter foam, flasher, new”er” rear tire and great shape front, new taillight hardware, SS hardware for frequent access points (changed to Alan heads over the jap Phillips that I managed to strip the heads of) . It has some cosmetic dings, pickling on the exhaust, small holes in seat but is completely sound otherwise.

it probably has ~7k on the odometer now.
Key start flicks it right on. kick start works perfectly. Comes with 2 manuals and a chewed up 250 transmission that I am still adamant will fit and could turn this 4 speed to a fiver with the right pieces (would probably push top speed to ~75 or 80 if accomplished)

It’s a small bike and if I remember correctly it’s weight capacity maxes out at 250 even though it’s a two seater set up. It accelerates like a banshee but tops out around 65 flats only.

it’s light and super easy to work on.

I have a project car now and really don’t have the time to give this bike the attention it deserves (not in parts or maintenance, just actually riding the thing)

it is free, no strings no trades no BS.

title is good and in hand. Inspection is good

I am the second owner.

Shoot me a message for pics and such but if you look at my posts you’ll see what you are getting.