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Fouled Spark Plugs. Can they be cleaned and reused?

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Pulled the plugs, they're sooty and black. Can they be cleaned up and reused or should I just go buy new ones? Also, I'm sealing the gas tank, I poured the gas out and it was brown and full or rust and crap. Putting on Uni filters so now I'll have clean air and clean gas. While I had the plugs out I cranked it and had good compression from both cyclinders, I didn't measure it or anything but could feel a good amount of air coming out of both sides. The carbs were rebuilt last summer, but if it was just pumping crap rusty gas through they'll probably need rebuilt again?
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WOZERD said:
tbpmusic said:
WOZERD said:

Maybe I need a new guage?
I suspect you may - I'd be surprised if you even got them to start easily with just 100 ponds.
My last 450 rebuild is showing 182....
Just what I need-- more money for a new guage. On the bright side-- it's cheaper than a rebuild X 3! :eek:

All three start right up!
My 450 started right up on the first kick too and it idled great. Unfortunately it didn't run very well with only 60 psi in one and 130 psi in the other. I did not have good luck using the electric started when checking compression. Try kicking it over about 5 or 6 times and see if there is a difference.
kdan311 said:
Pulled the plugs, they're sooty and black. Can they be cleaned up and reused or should I just go buy new ones? ......
Typically, yes, they can be if they are cleaned correctly and have not been abused/damaged. A little brake cleaner and a towel will not necessarily do the trick though. As always, the correct tool is always helpful. I picked up this handy dandy spark plug cleaner many moons ago when I used to race two strokes (MX and Desert mostly). It's a sand blaster and air blaster in one. The bag contains the media and you put the lever in blast. Hooked up to an air compressor you pull the trigger and move the plug around on the rubber seal. After a few seconds of blasting, you throw the lever to air only and blow away the grit. It actually works pretty well but, with today's engines, I haven't pulled it out of it's hiding place in many years.

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