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Fouled Spark Plugs. Can they be cleaned and reused?

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Pulled the plugs, they're sooty and black. Can they be cleaned up and reused or should I just go buy new ones? Also, I'm sealing the gas tank, I poured the gas out and it was brown and full or rust and crap. Putting on Uni filters so now I'll have clean air and clean gas. While I had the plugs out I cranked it and had good compression from both cyclinders, I didn't measure it or anything but could feel a good amount of air coming out of both sides. The carbs were rebuilt last summer, but if it was just pumping crap rusty gas through they'll probably need rebuilt again?
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WOZERD said:
I have found that spark plugs can be cleaned -- and sometimes they can't. A shot of brake clean, wipe electrode with a cloth, maybe a few scrapes between the electrode and the groundy thing with sand paper, and check for spark. No spark? Try again. No spark? Pitch em. B8ES spark plugs are a Buck-99 at Advance Auto.
Don't wire brush them!!
Maybe I have a bad compression guage but-- now I have three 450's. One with 23K, one with 13K and one with just under 7K.
Warm engine, open throttle, crank over with starter until needle stops climbing.
All right at 100PSI. Both cylinders. The two that are rideable run great! Rip right to red line in all gears. The one with stock gearing struggles in 5TH and can't quite make red line (like all my bikes used to). The one geared lower hit's it no problem.
Wondering how many of us here get my readings or the 180 + PSI readings.
Maybe I need a new guage?
funny you should say that.......i had low compression readings also. i used a sears craftsman gage....brand new or rather its rarely been used. My bike starts right up and runs great. When i had the head off recently and replaced it with one with no torsion bars i inspected the rings and they were fine. I tested the compress. after installation and got around 125psi. I just knew that had to be wrong....maybe its one of those little airvalves in the hoses of the compress. gage that is faulty....or like was mentioned ...the gage itself.
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