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Fouled Spark Plugs. Can they be cleaned and reused?

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Pulled the plugs, they're sooty and black. Can they be cleaned up and reused or should I just go buy new ones? Also, I'm sealing the gas tank, I poured the gas out and it was brown and full or rust and crap. Putting on Uni filters so now I'll have clean air and clean gas. While I had the plugs out I cranked it and had good compression from both cyclinders, I didn't measure it or anything but could feel a good amount of air coming out of both sides. The carbs were rebuilt last summer, but if it was just pumping crap rusty gas through they'll probably need rebuilt again?
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You NEED to measure the compression... ... On most engines, 160 PSI would be excellent.... On a 450, it's re-ring time (163 min)..... The 450 should have about 180/185 PSI to be "normal".... Fresh and rings just seated, you can get 215+....... Plugs can be cleaned, but it's not worth the effort... Buy new....
Bill, and all... I've actually had bikes (450's) start and idle with only 90 or 100 PSI on both sides, but not easily, and they produce no real power... You can drive them and get to a reasonable speed (65+) but it takes forever.... Mediocre pick-up, slow rise in revs....Not much fun...

The rebuilt engine pulls like it got hit in the rear by an oncoming freight train...... ( @205 PSI once the rings seated in....I think it was about 180+ immediately after rebuilding, new valve job and new valves).... LOTS of FUN!

I got a set at Sears with the gauge and a variety of adaptors and hoses for different size/pitch plug holes.... I think it was about $40... Should work on mowers and cars as well....
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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