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Fork Brace (Stabilizer) for '75 CB360

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I've removed the front fender as part of my cafe racer conversion to my '75 CB360. As such, I'm thinking the bike could use a fork brace to compensate. The internet has failed me, turning up nothing pre-made for the 360, and barely any posts/discussion about it. I'm still running the stock front forks, which are 33mm. I've found a Tarozzi stabilizer that is specified for the '78 CX500 (which is also 33mm). According to their chart, the CX500 tube diameter is 33mm and the sheath is 56mm. I'm hoping someone with a lot more knowledge of the various models might be able to say whether they would work on the 360 forks? And/or provide guidance on what I should be considering to try to find one?
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Thanks @Boomer343 - I had a feeling there were more aspects to consider.
I'd seen some pics where people looked like they had used the OE brace in some fashion. That would put me into a world of metal fabrication that I haven't attempted yet. And admittedly, even though I'm doing "no going back" mods to the frame, I have a hard time with the idea of chopping up perfectly decent stock parts. But, who knows, maybe I'll get comfortable knowing I'm giving those parts "new life".
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