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Item no;1,250/305 twin, sets ,new 2ea. 1Nice used right.
Item2b,1 only new,some red background-29mm hole centers.
2a=new,2 pairs- small honda of old?
3-ea. 150 plastics,poor Ugh! 3 ea.
4, 2ea. Will polish well, same as2A but used 33mm c’s
5 450 new , 3ea.
6 ,2ea 500-4,1new ,1almost new
7,New 125 something?
8,Honda 50 set 1 sweet,1fair-30mm c’s.
9,1 ea CL 160,poor.
10 also 160 plastic and poor.
11, plastic-& rough,55mm c’s.
12,90??,80 mm c’s.
13 ,90=80 mm c’s.
14 nice, not bent-75mmc’s.
15,S65-72,mm h ctrs.
Price will probably be what you offer,as the owner is a few years out of touch, But hasn’t paid retail for much by always being in the business. (do have a dealer price sched. For 01)
So i’s NROR ya know! “T”
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