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1200 firm (what i have into it)

I am selling my 1973 Honda CL350 because I broke my knee and am moving abroad in June.

I bought the bike about 6 months ago just before I got hurt and since then just have not had a chance to ride it more than a few hours, let alone work on it.

It runs great when it is going but it does seem to have a charging issue or an electric problem somewhere because it does die pretty quickly after getting it started. The bike is in great condition, the take has some rust in it but I had it looked over and timed and tuned by a local shop and they said that should not be an issue because I have filters to help with that. I updated the rectifier / regulator to a new combo unit which cost me $100 but that does help it run and will save someone some work. Looking to sell it for $1500 to break even on my investment and would love to hear that this bike is ripping on the road!

I have the title and the keys and a luggage rack for the back of it. It is a great bike and should not be expensive or anything to get running well and be a daily driver.

Located in SLC, UT.

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