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First Project and a Hello

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Hello everybody, John here from Lima, OH. I'm married to a very patient woman puts up with my crap, and we have a 9 year old daughter, and I'm a locomotive engineer for CSXT. Anyway a couple of months ago bought my first project a '75 500t off of eBay. I did'nt pay much, but I think I got more than I paid for. put some fresh gas and a battery and it ran and drove after a few kicks, so i'm well pleased with my purchase. The plans are to find matching wheels, clubman bars,and some sorta seat using foam and a leather cover shaped cafe style. and of course a tune up and rebuild the carbs, brakes and suspenssion, etc, etc, etc. I LOVE the Lester front wheel, but I am not having any luck finding a matching rear one to match (anybody know where to get one?) The pictures are how it looked the day I brought it home and how it currently sits im my cold cold garage. ttyl john


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Based on my research it'll be hard to get a rear Lester mag that will fit without modification. From what I've gathered the width of the hub part of the wheel is wrong. Some machining would more than likely be required.

Someone else with more knowledge will chime in about this soon, hopefully.

I have a thread that's kinda hard to follow, but it's about my current wheel swap on a 74 CB450. Basically the same bike. A rear XS650 drum brake mag would match the Lester nicely IMHO.

GB :mrgreen:
Welcome! For the cafe options you listed:
Clubman bars - those can be found on eBay or the internet for pretty cheap. Have you thought about some clip ons?
Cafe Racer Seat - If you are thinking about a fiberglass or a metal based seat check out This has been a great resource for me. Any article by locO leoN is great and he is a great guy to talk to about making seats. If you are thinking about going for the all-leather seat I haven't run into any DIY guides, sorry.

Good luck with the project and we would all like to see progression pics further down the road!
G'day acetat. Looks like you will grow into that bike nicely...that is you in the second pic right :lol: , no really, welcome aboard the good ship honda, and we're all looking forward to watching your progress :cool:

Hi Acetat, Ex-Ohio resident here. Grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, now living in Roanoke,Va.

I joined this site just a bit ago, and from what I've seen, its probably the best site going regarding Honda twins! All the guys here will bend over backwards for just about anybody and there is probably a couple hundred years of combined experience between them, if you added them all up!

The main thing is, dont be afraid to ask or bounce ideas off people here, no matter how stupid you may think the question is. You WILL get honest, intelligent and well thought out answers. Experience is the best teacher!

Anyways, welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard! Looks like a great project.

As for the seat, there's a thread started on it right here on this very site by 66Spring. It's really interesting, so far:

I'm planning on doing just what he's doing on my OWN little cafe project.

Keep us posted!

BTW, I grew up in NE Ohio, too: Richfield, just south of Cleveland.

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I heard they tore down the Collesium (however you spell that!) Is that right and if so, why in the world did they do that?
Yep, they sure did. The city of Cleveland built other venues for all the groups that participated there. It always was kind of out in the sticks...

In fact, the town of Richfield was never really enthralled when ol' Farmer Emmitt sold off some of his cow pastures to build it. Now, the Coliseum, parking and all, is all gone and back to being a cow pasture again. :lol:

Thinkin about doing my seat something like this. If done like this I could keep my stock seat pan trash the old foam and cover and shape some new foam. Cover the new foam with some leather/vinyl or ever some super cool 70's naugahide :lol:

let me know what you all think.
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Looks okay as long as your seat pan will let you get to those thicknesses ond contours..

Looks good to me. Might as well go for it! Besides, by the time you're finished it'll be version 5.0 :D

GB :mrgreen:
Just looking through 500T posts, and saw your seat design. I really like it. Since this is an old post, if your still on here, I'd like to see how it turned out.
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