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my first bike was a Honda SL175? twin. It was not very good in the woods, nor on the street, but it was red, mean looking (in my opinion) and a definite chick magnet ha ha. The thing siezed up driving once on a major road, why I never ever used Quarker State oil again. Here I am on the side of the road bemoaning the fact that I'm 25 miles from my destination with a locked up bike, hot as hell engine and someone stops to help. He's driving a Chevrolet Corvair convertable with a Pristine white leather (?) upholstery . Askes what the problem is and says, "
Let's put it in the back & I'll drop you off at your brother's house." Which we proceeded to do, but the exhaust pipes were HOT and started melting the rear seats. I was concerned and told him so. He replies, "Not a problem, I just finalized my divorce and the wife get to keep the car." ;-)
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