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First bike and cafe racer project - CB400 N

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Hi everyone,

i'm very glad i found this forum and am excited about reading and posting about rebuilding my 1979 Honda CB400 N !
i hope i can find somebody on this forum who used the same bike as me.

to get me started, i would like to know if you can interchange parts for the Honda CB400 series (like the cb400T) and the CM series with the bike i am using?
it's hard to find parts specifically for the CB400 N but i find parts for the CM400 and the CB400T easily...

for example, i want to replace the standard exhaust system with a 2into1 system but i cannot find any online for a CB400N, but i do find some for a CB400T or a CM400T.
can i use this one as well?

anyway, thanks in advance and kinds regards from a another honda twins fan from Belgium!

PS: here are some of the first before shot off the bike i bought

Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Vehicle Auto part
Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive exterior Fender Classic
Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Automotive exterior Auto part
Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Automotive exterior Bumper
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Welcome to the forum. Great to see another 400 series here. Nice looking bike as is. We don't get the 'N' model here in North America, but the CB400T model parts should interchange mostly except for the dual front brakes and possibly other differences. It's hard to answer that accurately since we don't see them here.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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