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Finding an unavailable carb gasket set (CD250u 1989 or maybe CB250 Nighthawk)

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Afternoon all,

much as I love my little Honda it is proving something of a tricky customer. Narrow 17" tyres were fun to find but not as much fun as a carb gasket set.

Looking here CARBURETOR - Honda CD250UK | Honda CD250UK 1989 CARBURETOR with fast delivery to United States | Fowlers Parts it is "no longer available".

The carb is a KeiHin VE 26D ACC (?) which is almost unGoogleable. In most respects the bike seems to be a close relative of the CB250 Nighthawk, but with two carbs and two intakes. No idea if the carbs are compatible.

I was wondering if the collective brains here had any suggestions.

(I'll start another thread on what bike I should've got for ease of spares...🤦‍♂️)
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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