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I thought I'd pass this on in case it may help someone along. The metal ferrule or cap on the end of control cables serves an important purpose besides just making it look finished. It provides the positive index and wear surface for the correct cable length. Repeated pressure against the plastic sheath soon wears it and the cable becomes loose without a positive stop. These ends often get damaged on old cables. When reused, they should have this addressed. If making or shortening a cable, some means of providing the positive stop on the end is also necessary.

In re-using an old cable recently I noticed the throttle end ferrule was missing. This is how I addressed it. You'll need some 3/16" pop rivet washers. A pair of side cutters, and a pair of pliers. I used a pair of "needlenose" pliers to spread the washer, but you can get by otherwise.


Cut the washer. You may need to remove a small section depending on cable diameter. Spread it just enough to slip over the cable.

WP-20190517-003.jpg WP-20190517-004.jpg

I slid the end of the sheath into the adjuster socket and crimped the washer at the end of the adjuster. This way the cable sheath is full length, but the force is not on the end of the sheath.


This is a temporary fix! The sheath will eventually wear at the washer, but not as badly as on a bare end. If replacing an end on a cable such as shortening a too-long cable or making a new cable, you can slide the (unused) rivet portion off the mandrel of a large pop rivet and slide it onto the cable sheath before applying the (lead/solder) end. The rivet body is then crimped like a wire connector onto the end of the cable sheath and provides as good a contact and control stop as a factory cable!

Good cables are important. Your life may depend on them!!!! This is a quick fix. IT IS NOT a substitution for replacing a badly worn cable. Proceed at your own risk.
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