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In my original introduction I posted photos of my barn find CD175.
This is an update; the CD175 is back on the road and now in the capable hands of a younger enthusiast.
In its place is a 1978 CB400T; frame number 4023471, engine number 4023548, first registered in NZ in May '78 and in "touring trim" complete with period correct Shoei panniers.
It was parked up in 1991 due to not being able to select any gears (engine still running fine but no response when trying to shift from neutral into first gear, or any other....)
It has been stored in a dry garage and is in pretty good - if a bit rusty - original condition. Please see photos of it in its "as purchased" condition. Mild winters here, no ice so no salt on the roads so machines last pretty well...
My plan is to try to get the engine running first then worry about the gear problem later.
So far I have removed the carbs - since petrol was flooding out of them when I optimistically attempted to start it with not much more than a fresh battery and fresh fuel.
Waiting for the rebuild kit before taking them apart.
Meanwhile the spark plugs are in good and tight so I'm soaking them with penetrating oil and trying to inch them out (and back in) half a turn at a time.
The clutch is a basket case - suspect plates seized together as they were on the CD175 - so I'm soaking the bolts on that cover too, along with every other nut and bolt I can see.
Casting my mind forward to the gear issue - and since I'm keen to benefit once again from the collective wisdom of the forum:
There seems / feels to be about 3 gears "available" at the moment.
A bit hard to tell exactly how many and which ones although with a bit of a wrestle I did manage to find neutral today.
I'm keen to hear of any suggestions re possible cause and best next step to investigate / diagnose / fix. And particularly if that next step doesn't involve removing the engine from the frame.....
Thanks in anticipation from Auckland. And apologies in advance if I have posted this to the wrong page....
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The only 78 400 I worked on was an A model so cant help with the tranny but looks like the bike is a good candidate for a rebuild.

Bill H
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