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To start it off I'd like to thank the people who take the time to deal with all of my problems I post here. Means a lot and I'd be (even more) lost without you guys.

I've got some looming issues that I cannot resolve on the '79 CM400T:

- The 'power chamber' is rusted out and is going to be cut off because I can't remove it any other way. I'm very, very tired of dealing with this thing. To make matters worse, I have found a grand total of about five for sale on the entire Internet. All of which are insanely overpriced and rusty. I'm at a loss. I'm willing to fabricate something. Just don't know what or which jets I'll need...which leads into my next issue.

Air filter/Carb
- When I got the bike I wanted to get rid of the ugly old air box that was filled with cobwebs. I was also missing the connection pieces from the carb to the box. So I got some pods, unknowingly. Today I stumbled upon this giant thread about how that's a no-no unless you do this this this and that with jets and whatnot. And then the jets I might need for the possible new exhaust setup...

I was cruising along for a couple weeks here, ordering parts left and right, feelin' good, thinking I'll be done relatively soon... Began researching the exhaust again because I moved on from it and bam-- instant stress overload. Honestly don't know what I'll go for. I really had to rant on this one, today has really been getting at me.

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