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Esther (FLHT)

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This is Esther my 98 FLHT – 103,000 miles (I bought her new) and the only real mechanical work its needed was a clutch and primary chain, rocker box gaskets, and intake seals.

It even has the original belt and sprockets on it. I probably could have gotten at least one more season out of her but she is a little tired and just don’t handle like she used to. So down to the bare frame she went for a major going over and few upgrades.[attachment=0:1zxfvxjs]ester.jpg[/attachment:1zxfvxjs]


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Nice to have another Illnois rider in the bunch!! I'll be watching this thread.

GB :mrgreen:
Yep, there's a couple of us here. I'll be watching that CB thread too. You should be able to get that one rideable on the cheap. Just keep focused on your ultimate goal, and don't go all custom on the old ricer..

GB :mrgreen:
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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