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Esther (FLHT)

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This is Esther my 98 FLHT – 103,000 miles (I bought her new) and the only real mechanical work its needed was a clutch and primary chain, rocker box gaskets, and intake seals.

It even has the original belt and sprockets on it. I probably could have gotten at least one more season out of her but she is a little tired and just don’t handle like she used to. So down to the bare frame she went for a major going over and few upgrades.[attachment=0:1zxfvxjs]ester.jpg[/attachment:1zxfvxjs]


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Bird76Mojo said:
Nice to have another Illnois rider in the bunch!! I'll be watching this thread.

GB :mrgreen:
Won't be seeing much action on this thread - the Harley's kind of on hold, cash flow problems. But I am hoping to get the CB 400T on the road for this year.

Looks like there are a few active Illinois riders in the group
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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