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1981 Cm400t* Scrambler
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I have in the course of my current scrambler project (Project post to come) used parts off of 3 different 80s Hondas. 81 Cm400t (frame, tank) 86 Xl350r (Front end) and a parts bike that was another 81 Cm400t frame but had a 450 engine that I have chosen to use.

Now its this question mark 450 engine that I'm looking for help identifying.
I think its either a Cm450c or a CB450sc 82-86.
Its the black in color, 6 speed manual with oil cooler 448 I-Twin. Because it came on an 81 CM400t frame I don't have a vin or label that tells me exactly what it is.
I do have an engine plate with the number PC05E-50113S0 Where 1's and 0's Could be l's and O's respectively.

Anyone have any markers that I could look for to figure out what engine it is specifically?
I need this information so that I can order a top end kit, I want to do a top end rebuild and if possible go up in compression to around 10.5-11.
Should I just micrometer the pistons and order custom?
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