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electronic ignition on a cb360?

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is there an aftermarket electronic ignition to replace the points system on my daughter's 74 cb360? seems like there should be, and we're not into a full resto, just a chopped bob. I'm seeking the elec ignition so it will be dependable for her without her needing full set of tools while riding...

oh, by the way, Hi, this is my first post and I'm working on a basket case cb360 that I picked up for nearly nothing, in process of rebuilding the engine, and cleaning up the frame etc...

pics to come some day
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Welcome to our group...... The 360 does not (as far as I know) have a bike specific e-ignition.... I have used a modified Yamaha XS 400 ignition on a Honda 450, and the DYNA early gold wing one can be used with minor modification.... There are some available for the CB/CL 350's and I should think they would work on the 360 as well....
Check on the "racing" sites (Team Hanson Honda or similar ).....Regardless, Hang on to your wallet!......... Steve
please post some information on what is used to do this with an xs400 ignition. I have been searching everywhere for this info. just missed out on a gl1000 dyna s for my 450 on ebay. is it possible to use on a cb350? i am either going to caffeinate my 72 350 or my 70 450, and this info would help alot. thank you for whatever you can provide me.
Anything that will work on a 450 (in the context of ignition) will work on a 350.
Except model-specific stuff, like points and advancer.
I just so happen to have a gl1000 dyna s electronic ignition laying around. I bought it for my 450 but found a NOS Prestolite for it instead. The Dyna is new in the box if you're interested. Make me a reasonable offer..

I've even got a nice spacer for it to fit under the stock points cover. I machined it down from a spare points base housing. That's as close to "plug and play" as it gets.

GB :mrgreen:
Sorry for stealing the topic, but I did not want to create a new one. This is more of a general observation/question.

So my CB360 has been hacked (the starter switch is taken apart) such that it can only be readily started with the kickstart, which takes a good ~5 kicks on a good day, ~15 on a cold bad day. I never really bothered with the electric start till today when I was winterizing the bike. I noticed that if I take the hacked starter switch and touch the loose wire to any metal part of the bike, the electric starter kicks in beautifully and the bike starts up right away. I always figured that the kickstart would be more reliable since it uses less power, but you tell me.
The e-start rolls the engine over "further and faster" so it may start easier that way... It does drain the battery a bit..... As far as "winterizing", I recommend a fuel stabilizer, full gas tank, and drain and flushed carbs......... Fresh oil is also a good idea, and I'd still replace it again come spring... Disconnect battery and put on tender or at least indoors... Steve
Yeah I did all of the above + teaspoon (plastic of course :D ) of engine oil in each spark plug hole and placing an old rug underneath the wheels. Do I need to lube the chain now or is this something to do before the first ride come springtime?
Check out , they have em not sure if it will work for a 360 but they are expensive! ... sc&start=0

Check this thread out, somewhere in there he shows installing an electronic ignition on a 360. Also it a good read!
thanks for the help fellas!
I khow it has been a long time since this thread has been posted on, but I just wanted to revive the Idea that the Ignition is possible. Since I have just recently come into posession of a 1974 CB360 myself, I was really looking forward to getting rid of the points and going electronic as well.

I contacted BoreTech myself via e-mail and this is the response I got...

Our manufacturer has it in their plans to develop an electronic ignition system for the CB360's in the near future, but exact time when it will be available is unknown. Keep checking back with our website, we will have it listed as soon as it is available.

Bore Tech

So All hope is not lost and hopefully This will help ppl in the future who have felt almost at a loss for this Dream to come true.

I would also Like to add that from the exp I have had searching on the web. That Kit you can get from AUS does not fit the CB360 model. If someone else can prove otherwise, do not waste your time or money. Just wait for the correct kit to be made. I will post back again, once they release the Kit.
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I also recently purchased a cb360t.

I've purchased an upgraded charging system and have been on the hunt for an electronic ignition kit.

Has anyone ever dealt with

They appear to have already developed a system for the 360 but are currently out of stock.

When I contacted the company they said that they were waiting on stock from the factory and couldn't give me a time line as to when it would be available.

My top end is currently being rebuilt and an electronic ignition is the last piece of the puzzle for me.
I stumbled upon this guy tonight. ... .htm#makes
Not sure what to make of it though, its a lot of $$$
I'd bet the "YamaHonda" ignition I modified to be used on the old DOHC 450 group would work on the 360...... (slightly modified XS 400 e-ignition)...Hmmmmmmmmm
We're all ears, Steve!...I like the idea of pointless. :lol:
I think I am going to splurge on the kit in the Aussie link since I am kinda fed up with points. Gonna let it simmer until my next paycheck.
Hondaman ignition came in!!!

Now, just like the brake caliper, I need to find some free time to work on it!
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Alright I wired up the ignition kit and thanks to the wiring diagram in the back it was a simple task. The bike starts up like it did before, but here is a question:

Does the timing have to be spot on before installing the kit? I am still getting some irregular pulses from the right hand side so I think I need to replace the points and set the timing back to spec...right?
That's a good idea of where to start Kruk. Sounds like you've almost got it..

GB :mrgreen:
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