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I build a honda cb 125cc cafe racer. Everthing was working fine and did some test runs for about 10 kilometers and than some strange things happend.
first the lights begin to flikker and than one by one the blown out than the motor didn't come up to speed and i could only drive in first or second vitesse.
I thought is was a short circuit so i began to measure and searching there was no short circuit only i found that my negative pole of the battery came loose i did reattached this and make a test ride (without new lamps) the bike worked again as before. When i was back i noticed that the battery (6v) was over cooked.

now I did measure and I found out that at low rpm 10V is generated and at high rpm 24V and more, the rectifier works well because the voltage is nicely aligned. But a regulator is to my knowledge not provided at this bike ..?
Now I am desperate because I don't find a fault. I could change everthing in 12V but than is the 24V too much at high speed i think?
It seems to me that tis is not normal? or I make it just myself too hard?
I hope you can help me or give me some tips.

Sorry fore the pore English.
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